DDS: Cancer, Lymphoma, Cytomegalovirus disease

City Clinical Hospital №50

127206, Moscow, st. Dr. Vucetic, 21.

I Orunbaeva Gulumkan, I am 37 years old. Since 2002 2010 lived and worked in Moscow. Until now I have never hurt. In 2010, February 15 I suddenly had a fever, and February 16 from the abdominal cavity pumped 1.5 liters of fluid. The high temperature was kept up until 27 February.

Doctors took a full examination. Analyses comes out clean, without disturbances and deviations.February 27, 2010 with my agreement was made "laparoscopy". This was followed by an accurate diagnosis' Lymphoma, CMV disease. " I refused the services of doctors and 5 March left the hospital.


Medical diagnosis before treatment healer






















Repeated medical diagnosis after treatment healer





 DS: Stomach cancer

Abdurakhmanov Sayakbai Moldovan - father Sayakbai kyzy Aizada

Unexpected Gift

My mother-in-law died of stomach cancer.After many years, and my wife died of the same disease, many years my daughter with the same diagnosis was sent to the city hospital oncology Balykchy.

There was sent to Bishkek city hospital for ul.Yu.Fuchika. There have already been appointed to-day operations. My daughter was so weak that it might not have suffered such a complex operation. Through friends, I phoned to Matai uulu Kubanychbek. I told him about his trouble, he consulted with his wife, he has kindly agreed to take us for that very grateful to these people.

Thanks be to God! Among all patients, my daughter was the most severe. During the general sessions with other patients cautiously looked at her if she coughed all jumped up from their seats. After 15 sessions, she went to the amendment. Then underwent ultrasound examination and other tests, my daughter recovered!The doctors were very surprised and said that we continue to be observed at Kubanychbek.

Since smacking witnessed the recovery of many cancer patients have Kubanychbek. I have written about many cases of recovery of patients. Therefore, this story of recovery of my daughter, I titled as "unexpected gift."

I'm incredibly grateful Matai uulu Kubanychbek, his wife of Salim and his two assistants! May his Allah-given gift helps to find hope for the healing of many, many sick! Prosperity him long life and, of course, good health all his family! This man has helped not only my daughter, but all my numerous relatives.

Glory be to Allah! Prosperity in your business to the right people!

My address: Bishkek, zhilmassiv Kalys Ordo

Abdurakhmanov Sayakbai Alpamyshovich


DS: Cancer. Mammary gland 3 degrees.


  Letter of thanks

I Duyshenbieva Bakhtiar, would like to express my gratitude

healer Mata uulu Kubanychbek.

I arrived in the village Kyzylsuu, Jeti-Oguz district, Issyk-Kul in Bishkek toward rural hospitals due to illness left breast. They sent me to the National Cancer Clinic.

October 19, 2009, in Bishkek, I took a complete examination. Diagnosed "breast cancer   III- degree. " He was treated under the supervision of doctors-oncologists whole year. Undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy, but my condition has not changed for the better.

As a result, doctors have concluded perform surgery to remove her left breast.




The diagnosis to treatment.






The diagnosis after treatment.





 DS: Hysteromyoma


This treatment, I Asgar gizi Ardak, express gratitude and deep respect Matai Kubanychbek uulu and his wife Salima.

After he had in 2011 stated Dr. Botkin's disease urolithiasis liver, gall bladder and kidney. As yet there were strong headaches 2 times a year to make complex drip. In 2012 Onkoklinike on US discovered "uterine fibroids" for a period of 8-10 weeks of pregnancy. My daughter, Jeanne, took me to a healer Kubanychbek. He held 12 sessions of treatment, drinking tea under a spell.After 2 months of analysis of US et al. Showed that the liver returned to normal and no kidney stones, "uterine" halved. My doctor said it was a very good result and was very surprised. At the moment I feel good. Headaches stopped.

In conclusion Kubanychbek healer and his wife Salima wish above all good health, live together for many, many years, be witnessing a decent and happy life for their children, be always in demand! May Allah bless you!

With respect and gratitude thousandfold Asgar gizi Ardak.

May 13, 2013.


Before treatment, the healer



After   treatment healer



May 15, 2010

Bissmillarih rahmonir rahiim

I Bubutalip Azhy Tilegen Azhy kyzy. Was heard about Matai uulu Kubanichbek, I read his book, and decided to come to see him. He is invoked cancer patients suffering from alcoholism, stroke, heart and skin diseases as well as diseases of the internal organs: liver, lungs, stomach, spleen, 12 duodenal ulcer, hemorrhoids. Also, he is addressed childless families. Kubanychbek Allah has given a rare gift of healing in an unconventional way. He has been researching different types of diseases. All tradable Kubanychbek patients to heal and come back with gratitude to a normal life without pain. In addition, Kubanychbek cures disease, not fully investigated by science: insanity, cancer, the evil eye, a violation of the human aura. Also, the disease requiring surgery, non-surgical cures. For example, diseases that were treated with great scientists - physicians - Isa Ahunbaev, Mamakeev and T. Aralbaev, in therapy Aralbaeva J. et al. Kubanichbek treats himself, Allah using this method.These traditional healers like Kubanichbek has been famous Kyrgyz land. For example - Kalygul-ata, which foretold our modern life. He said that the boundaries of the city reached the foot of the mountains, the people will stand in line for meals. I predict a good life for posterity, when the birds will build their nests on the backs of animals. However, he could not predict the consequences of the globalization of modern life, and what he confessed. Our ancestors read KASIDA, the power of suggestion it or boil water turns to ice.

My father Tilegen, in the opinion of his contemporaries, the power of his prayers together a bed of two ditches, hung the kettle on a tripod, and the water is boiled without fire, understood the language of animals and birds. About these abilities father told Kazhalan uulu Karbek and Sayqal - eje who have lived for more than 90 years. Father felt respected Moldovan, and in times of repression, he was also arrested. And when he was in prison, he was not allowed to read the prayer, the power of suggestion, he opened the locks and prayer ritual performed outside the prison walls. When the paper came on the rehabilitation, already very ill, he wished to be buried there, the cemetery at the prison, according to the Muslim rite. Things and the money was mailed to us, his children.

Bright is a modern medicine man Matai uulu Kubanichbek. In the language of the Koran, he - Muzhis sinceKubanichbek he diagnoses and treats himself. Praise be to Allah that the Kyrgyz people have a son!

Kubanychbek abilities given to him by God to help people and cure incurable diseases. I am very grateful Kubanychbek! Allah let Kubanychbek indicate a direct light path, wish him creative development, long life, even if it is still open in the light of God's gifts, prosperity it around! Assistant and his wife Salima many thanks.Amen.




DS: arthritis, hernia, osteochondrosis



I Sokeeva Meyizkan, in 1988, became very ill with brucellosis head, because of the strong memory loss in one year received 3 times brucellosis vaccine. Since 1996, the allergy sufferers from pains in the head, eye pain, throat and stomach. Later there were a lot of pain in the back, revealed a hernia. Joint pain (arthritis) could not walk, had shortness of breath. Heart pounding, it was a weak heart and lungs. The only I did not hurt! Where only did not address!

Finally, learn once, about Cuba, I came to him with a last hope. He looked, and made all the diagnoses that doctors put. After one course of treatment for 6 months lost 25 kg. In 2011, 20 April, he held a non-contact operation. The operation was very difficult, she began as usual with anesthesia. After the Cuban said, give anesthesia, you probably will not believe it, but I could smell the anesthesia. As if something flew with blue sky heart sank and it was hard to breathe! And then I felt as if my body is cut. At the end there were strong pains in my head. After the operation, if born again!

I am very grateful Kubanychbek traditional healer and his wife Salima! I can say that they were from another world! From himself and his family I would like to wish them good health, long life, unlimited happiness and the most valuable thing in the world!





 DS: Diabetes.

Asanalieva Gukuzhan Asanalievna

My appeal to Matai uulu Kubanychbek as follows:

Doctors ascertained at the end of delivery of analyzes and X-rays - Survey liver disease, the presence of gallstones, high blood pressure. I turned to folk healer Matai uulu Kubanychbek. He examined my pulse, and although I did not tell him anything about their illnesses, he put an accurate diagnosis. He said that in the liver of seals, gallstones, extremely high blood pressure, aching joints all, vision also fails. I went through 15 sessions of treatment, he has fulfilled all requirements Kubanychbek and recovered within a month. Then I spoke to many suffering people as a healer of such Kubanichbek. He is invoked with cancer, my matchmaker Sharshekeeva fully recovered from the disease of Allah from this doctor.

Also Kubanichbek helps suffering from alcoholism, drug addicts, and also helps women who can not become pregnant and give birth. There was a case when it is not to the detriment of the health of patients with overweight threw 20 kg.

Thank you son of the Kyrgyz people Kubanychbek! Good health to him, long life and prosperity in its operations, which gives hope to people to life without illness, both physical and spiritual!

December 13, 2010







DS: Atopic dermatitis

Kozhomkulova Aizat Kasybekovna

I express my gratitude to the Cuban bike, which was the cause of my daughter - Adeline.In 2 months at Adeline inexplicably began an eruption similar to the diathesis. At the beginning we turned to the family doctor, drank all prescription drugs, there was no change. Began deteriorating. Addressed to the allergist, dermatologist, they are diagnosed with "allergic dermatitis". Propyl all prescribed expensive medicines, ointments smeared all, they did not help. On the contrary all the more worse. The daughter in the evening was very itchy, weeping. I also put on a diet to black bread and black tea, but in the end nothing.

While we were going to a Cuban bike passed a half months. Once come boarded the treatment session, drunk enchanted medical tea, water, 2 months of treatment, all the rash disappeared completely and without scars.

Now the daughter of 2 years, at the slightest colds appeal to Cuban bike and are treated without medication.

Cuban bike, God's blessing to you and your followers!







DS: Asthma

I Kozhomberdieva Kalbү, 1993 was ill with asthma. Since then kept under observation doctors, the hospital has become my second home. Twenty consecutive years of taking hormonal medication, caused great harm to your body. I could not live without an inhaler, but lately he stopped to help.

4 years ago, after learning from relatives about the folk healer Kubanychbek, I appealed to him for help. He examined, treatment began. He passed a full course of the session, cutting medical tea.After that, very ill, and then slowly began to recover. Passed swelling, stopped taking medication and injections, has ceased to use an inhaler (with whom he lived all his life), he lost 25 kg.

I am very grateful Kubanychbek and his wife Salima! Their help is just great! Today I feel great !!! My whole family treated him.

In - the first thank God, and then of course Kubanychbek thanks!








DS: Allergic glomerulonephritis.

I Torogeldiev Azhybek, 1996 - 98gg. ill "glomerulonephritis" - kidney disease. I tried all medical treatments, but, unfortunately, nothing helped. As a result, doctors offered "kidney transplants." While learning about the folk healer Kubanichbek - tabypa, I enrolled him at the reception. "Tabyp" (healer) examined me and said that it can be cured, and took to his treatment. "Tabyp" treated me with his methods of treatment and at the end made a "non-contact operation," then I am completely healed.

Glory be to Allah! Thanks to the power of Allah, the angels properties "tabypa" and forces Kubanichbek bike, with its endless work ethic, (although I did not jinx) - for 14 years I forgot about the pain in the kidneys and other organs. He served in the Army, married, became a father.

Thanks to Allah, and I wish Kuban bike: "Give you, Allah is good health and a long life. I wish you prosperity in both worlds. "

Sincerely, Azhybek.



DS:DS: A cyst in the brain.

Kөlbay kyzy Rahat, born in 1995.

May 22, 2011 I had an operation for appendicitis. Then again, we operate and remove the 10-12 mm cyst from the liver. A year later, they began severe headaches, vision problems, arms and legs no longer obey me, disrupting coordination, frequent seizures, fainting.

The parents called an ambulance medical care. When I woke up, I made a tomography of the head and was diagnosed with a brain cyst and said that he needed emergency surgery. With the consent of my parents decided on the operation.

Month was in the hospital under the supervision of doctors, his head felt better, but I could not walk. I'm not a walking discharged from the hospital.Houses lay in bed for three months. Again the onset of the headache. The parents appealed to my testimony to the doctors who operated on me. Once again, we make a tomography of the head and noted the growth of another cyst. It is necessary to do another operation. After learning about the diagnosis, my parents agreed to the operation. But I did not give its consent, as first suffered hard, it was very scary. Doctors Without my permission not dare nataivat operations, and let me go to be treated at its discretion folk remedies.

Before the operation, I had heard about the abilities of the folk healer Kubanychbek heard that it helps even




DS: kidney disease, infertility 11 degrees.

Alpamysh kyzy Dinara, born in 1974

In December 2007, I fell ill from severe pain in the lumbar region. Thanks to the care of close and strong medicine, a week later I was discharged from the hospital. But after some time the same thing happened, and even become worse than the first time. Loins terribly ill, I suffered in silence. One day, my mom and my brother decided to show Kubanychbek - bike. I had never appealed to traditional practitioners and lukewarm, but agreed. Because of the unbearable pain I wanted to quickly get to the doctor. When we arrived in the courtyard stood two men, one of them, I immediately identified - it was Kubanichbek - bike, but saw him for the first time. After the inspection, he said that I will certainly recover. At the next session, I told him that for 12 years I can not get pregnant becausedoctors diagnosed "Infertility 11Stepeni." Kuban - bike on pulse predicted to me that have not lost hope. I was dumbfounded and thought long about it. Time passed, has passed a year after treatment, occasionally I went to consult a Kubanychbek - bike. In December 2008, I realized that she was pregnant and during pregnancy, I continued to be observed. October 9, 2009 my daughter was born. And in 2012 I gave birth to a son Muslim.My joy has no end.

I Alpamysh kyzy Dinara, I do not know what words to thank Kubanychbek - bike! Let it be a long and happy life it! Suppose for your work and the ability of Allah reward you! I am very grateful to you!

June 18, 2013.

Born welcome sons and little cute daughter.

Mamatkulov Rope

Novosibirsk. RF

My wife Aytkүl married in 2000. Living Novosibirsk Russian citizens. Prior to 2006, could not have children. Addressed to the best specialist in Novosibirsk.But no results. 6 years of waiting, suffering, but do not lose hope. They believed God and prayed. At the end of 2006, we have specially arrived in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and look for the best folk healer. God has shown us the way. We got an appointment with traditional practitioners Kubanichbek bike.He checked his method and ordered us both treatments. 14 days sitting in the session, and drank (bewitched) Herbal tea №1 and №2. After the treatment, we went to his home city of Novosibirsk. A year later in 2007 the long-awaited son's wife gave birth to Nurislam.

I thank God and express my gratitude to the Cuban bike. And in October 2008 arriving in Bishkek, we have shown a son and received the blessing of the Cuban bike.

After his beatification we Nurbolot second son was born in 2010. And third, our happiness and joy is the birth of a daughter in 2012, Sumaya.

How then do not trust traditional medicine, which has given us great happiness.

We Aytkүl wife and extended family are eternally grateful to you. Live happily ever after.

DS: hypertonicity of the uterus

Uzakbaeva Elmira, a resident of the city of Bishkek.

In May 2010 I became pregnant, after 2 months, I felt discomfort, stomach ache. Prescription medicines are not helping. US - survey found risk of miscarriage, placed DS: hypertonicity of the uterus. Blood pressure was low (90/60). At the time, my older sister and Issyk-Kul was treated at Kubanichbek - bike. She suggested I contact him, but I do not agree. Day by day I felt worse and worse. And I turned to Kubanychbek - bike.

At first I saw the energy charged them tea and then took 12 treatments. Shortness of breath was held, stomach stopped hurting. I prayed to Allah to bear a child even up to 7 months. But, thank God, after 9 months in February 2011, I gave birth to my son.

Through the gift of Kubanychbek - bike, his suggestion that helped me gain confidence to become a mother, I happily gave birth.

Kubanichbek - bike !!! You and your family wish you good health, long life! You and Salem-eje thousandfold thanks from our family!











DS: Atopic dermatitis

Joldoshbek uulu Edik

I'm on medication at Kubanichbek bike for 2 years, from September 2011. After the treatment 3-4 months spilled whole body rash, and then slowly began to disappear.Treatment lasted for a long time. Now I am completely cured and I feel good. I am 26 years old. The disease was in my childhood, the last 10 years, all developed. My agony is beyond words. Long suffered.

Doctors diagnosed "allergic dermatitis", and 26 could not be cured. At the moment, thank God, and thank Kubanichbek bike!

Let it be well with your family!

The doctors said it was not curable! But I believed in God. This belief helped me, and I knew that someday I will be healed. Thank God for that faith and healing!

04.10.2013 Mr.










DS: Asthma

Sabitova Kiyal

Before meeting Kubanych bike, I'm about 11 years old with allergies and asthma. All the time it was treated in the hospital, used the inhaler. In October 2009, I asked the Kubanych bike. After checking his method, diagnosed and began to heal. After treatment I felt healthy, I feel very good. And most importantly do not use an inhaler. And the most important thing (after twelve years) the happiness of our family had. The joy of pregnancy in late May after 12 years. 2010 gave birth to a son.

I want to express my gratitude Kubanych bike for his hard work and healing people. I wish him good health and long life.





DS: Tuberculosis

Tolkunbek kyzy Alondra

In 2007 we did the mantle, and eventually the injection site was swollen up to 21 mm and me put on record with signs of tuberculosis. After treatment, the results were not. I have handed over analyzes, after a skin test injection site again swelled to 18 mm. The results were disastrous, after one month of medication, my uncle, after learning about the bike Kubanichbek led me to him. He examined me and apart from this disease, I have identified a number of others. They include severe pain in the head. Since I stopped drinking and drugs start to be treated at Kuban bike. I took a course session, propyl healing tea. And later began to feel better, no longer coughing and headache stopped. I am fully recovered, I was removed from the register! Now I am among healthy people! And this infinitely happy!

I was very grateful to God and Kubanichbek bike! I wish him a long life and good health! Ar dayym bar bolunuz!






DS: Intracranial pressure

Kalybekov Agzam

Dear Kubanych - bike and Salim-eje x OFDM express my gratitude!

I Nigay Mirbekovna Irina, born in 1976, the mother of 3 children. For every mother the most important thing in life - is the health of children. My son Kalybekov Agzam born in 2002 with the birth of often ill SARS, flu, sore throat, was nervous, moody and have frequent nosebleeds. Addressed as in official medicine and unconventional, but the improvement was not.

The summer of 2012 the son began to complain of headaches and nosebleeds frequent. I have "hands down" and did not know who to turn to. Through the Internet to learn about Kubanichbek - bike and hit him. After seeing his son Kubanichbek - bike an accurate diagnosis and began to heal. On the 2nd day of treatment her son has stopped bleeding, appetite improved. Even during treatment disappeared bruises under his eyes, the complexion has improved and even increased growth. My relatives noticed and were surprised.

After treatment, the son feels well and has become confident and pulled even in studies, I began to get good grades, and became obedient - that for me is also very important!

Kubanych - bike and Salem - eje!

I am immensely grateful to you! May God bless you and your family, relatives long life, health, professional development, success in your work is not easy!

I would also like to say, Salim - eje: Stay as young, responsive, good assistant Kubanichbek - bike!

Be happy!

Yours faithfully Irina and Agzam.


DS: Brucellosis

Richard Alpamysh

True, they say: "The disease comes without warning!". In 2004, I was finishing 2nd year KNU. One day, after a morning run went to bed, I woke up, I felt a strong pain in the buttocks. I wanted to get up but could not, the temperature rose to 38-39 ° C. The parents called an ambulance. Doctors diagnosed "Brucellosis". I was transferred to the Republican Hospital in the Department of "Surgery". I had the surgery, but the pain did not go away. I turned to traditional healers.

At the behest of God, learning about Kubanichbek bike, he began to be treated. From the first days of treatment felt the change for the better, there is hope of a cure! Later in the bladder tumor is found, doctors long to make an accurate diagnosis and sent "oncology". But I refused and decided to continue the strict treatment by Cuban bike. I passed a full course of treatment and my faith that I will find healing from Cuban bike justified.

With the help of Allah, I was completely cured. Cuban bike became my second father!

Time passes quickly. I got married, became a father, I have a wonderful daughter. A gift given by God, Cuba bike - it's a huge help to people! It cures diseases that even doctors can not afford! I've seen people with different diseases: oncology, tuberculosis, and many others, and almost all have found healing from the Cuban bike!

I'm with my family, very grateful Kubanichbek bike! Our gratitude is beyond words! From my heart I wish his family good health and a long happy life!




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