You are holding the book, which, possibly, one day will become your rescue during the course of your life.

    This book will tell you about an unusual person who lives near us and works wonders by curing those who already lost hope for recovery and those who found family happiness because there finally had long-awaited children.

    This book will present you knowledge of the person who during more than eighteen years has been serving God and people. People who need healing come to him. Over the last years, there have been many meetings with many representatives of official medicine and spiritual leaders.

    Even those who did not recognize the value of traditional medicine have recognized the gift of the healer. And that fact that they advised him to publicize himself shows how great his gift is.

Having read this book, you will learn that this person is absolutely unselfish in the aspiration to help sick people, and that he uses his talent of the healer to help people who suffer.

    If necessary, he works closely with attending physicians of official medicine. He is in continuous search of new methods in the hard, but noble venture because he is inspired by God.

    The name of this person is Kubanychbek. From this book you, dear reader, will learn the history of Kubanychbek's life, will receive his instructions, will read reviews of the people cured by him.




To be continued.

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