The healer with unusual qifts



     My name is Kubanichbek Mataevich and I am a healer. The purpose of the healer is treatment of suffering people. The healer is not engaged in the following activities: predicting the future, search of missing people, animals, and/or things. The main purpose of the healer is to correctly diagnose and treat a patient. I have been treating various types of diseases for 24 years.

I would like to focus on the following: 

1. With the support of the Almighty.

2. With this sacred gift to me.

3. With Holiness of my prayers.

Using traditional medicine, I healed diseases that are usually treated with surgeries, transplantation, chemotherapy, and laser beams.

The most important thing is that I had a lot of cases where patients, that were already prepared for surgeries and that did not have other alternatives, were returned to a normal life without surgeries by me. Only as per sincere requests of patients themselves, I treat kidney, liver, gall bladder, gynecological, cardiovascular illnesses and other internal diseases.

I also use the help of the scientific medicine: analysis, ultrasound, ECG, and tomography. All these medical check-ups confirm my diagnosis.

The procedure of the treatment:

1. Through pulsation, I determine a diagnosis, location of a disease. If I am fully certain that the disease can be treated by traditional medicine, I first sent the patient to a medical center for the diagnosis confirmation. Only after that, I start my treatment.

2. After the treatment, I send the patient to a medical center again to check the results achieved by me.

How I determine whether the aid has cured patients:

1. The patients themselves have to say about their health improvement.

2. The healer himself should determine the results via pulsation.

3. Re-check the medical diagnosis.

4. People who took care of the patient and observed them should testify and tell about changing and improving of the patient's health.


- Some diseases are treated / cured only by official scientific medicine.

- But some of them find healing in folk medicine.

Currently, some incurable cancer diseases can be treated by official scientific and traditional medicine simultaneously.  

If, with pure thoughts, we sincerely want to help to cure cancer and other diseases, these two directions of medicine - scientific and traditional - could achieve good results.

Why do I think so?

In 2010, a woman came to me with her medical diagnosis. She had a cancer on the 3rd stage, received 3 chemotherapy sessions, and was preparing for surgical removal of the left breast. As per her desperate request, after conducting my checkups, I started treatment of the patient. After the treatment, I directed the patient to the oncological center for carrying out researches on results of my treatment. They checked her blood, ultrasonography, etc. Even I was struck by the results: they did not reveal cancer cells and thus, the surgical removal of the breast was not needed anymore.

After such a successful experience I had this thought.

Human health (body) is like the infinite sky (outer space). As they say, there are lots of known and unknown to people planets in the space. In a similar way, a human body contains many secrets that are not yet explored by medicine.  

Cancer is a serious illness that has been researched by the most advanced scientists around the world. However, thus far there is no cure found. As a traditional healer, my purpose and dream is to alleviate the suffering caused by cancer and try to cure them. My abilities of the healer allow me to treat cancer on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stages (gastrointestinal tract, womb, and other internal organs).

Always hope and believe in God.


Kubanychbek Matayevich


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